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Past Fry Control updates (for archive purposes).

..::JANUARY 2006::..

28 January 2005

EXTRAS: Icons (LJ), Icon Bases. Credit is required.

» Stephen's Family - Who Do You Think You Are?
» Still Wilde About Wilde
» Wilde About Wilde
» Wilde Photo Montage
» Who Do You Think You Are?

~*~ * ~*~ * ~*~

23 January 2005

MULTIMEDIA: Sounds (A Bit Of, Blackadder).

EXTRAS: Icons (LJ), Icon Bases. Credit is required.

SHOUT-OUTS: Thanks so much to Miranda Online (Blackadder photos), the_evident (Vogue photo), Blue Moon (Welsh photo), molegirl (Heat photos) & amylnitrate
(TV Times photos)!

» Blackadder IV - Goodbyeee
» Blackadder IV - Major Star
» Blackadder IV - Private Plane
» Blackadder: Miranda Online
» Blue Moon
» Heat October 2005
» TV Times 2006
» Vogue May 2004

~*~ * ~*~ * ~*~

11 January 2005

MULTIMEDIA: Sounds (A Bit Of Fry & Laurie, Blackadder, Jeeves & Wooster).

EXTRAS: Animations (Paddington Bear In Peru, Relative Values, Whose Line Is It Anyway?). Icons (LJ), Icon Bases. If you use any, please CREDIT. I still see people using them with no credit. They're not great, but they took time to make and I'd appreciate some credit so people know where they came from. Thanks.

SITE: Added a television alerts section above. I'll try and update that monthly or as new stuff pops up. Made a little "new" blinkie for the Sounds page (and wherever else it'll apply). I'm guessing by the lack of mention that the new layout is either viewable to everyone, or nobody can see it to get in here, ha! I shall perhaps get rid of that Photo of the Moment bit up there in the new future. It's not really doing much.

SHOUT-OUTS: Thanks greatly to Fryphile for all the delicious photos from Relative Values!

» BAFTA Presenters
» Blackadder: Behind The Screen
» Blackadder - Chains
» Fry & Laurie Episode 2x06
» Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute
» Paddington Bear In Peru
» Relative Values
» Spectacled Bear In Peru Short
» Whose Line Is It Anyway 1x03

~*~ * ~*~ * ~*~

02 January 2005

SITE: New layout (as you can probably see) and hopefully it works on everyone's computer. It's intended for IE and 800x600 resolution, so it looks a bit silly otherwise.

MULTIMEDIA: Sounds (Q.I., Pocoyo, Various, Wilde Website).

..::DECEMBER 2005::..

26 December 2005

SHOUT-OUTS: for the Blinkie Maker usage.

SITE: Working on a Quotes page so if you wanna submit any, click here. Added some Stephen Blinkies to the Buttons page. I think I'll be ditching the tagboard on the main page when I get around to filling out that page a bit more. The tagboard was intended for a quick way to let me know of errors and such things but it's not really getting enough use to keep it up.

EXTRAS: QI Animations (BellyScratch & HeadDown).

PHOTOS:QI - Episode 1x08</a>

~*~ * ~*~ * ~*~

24 December 2005

THANKS:, once again.

SITE: Redid the Sample thumbnails so they don't take too long to load for dial-up users.

MULTIMEDIA: A Bit Of Tony & Control compilation; Stephen's parts on Top Gear (3x02); QI Teeth clip; Jeeves & Wooster singing clip.

» A Bit Of Fry & Laurie - Episode 3x03
» Bright Young Things Interview
» HughLaurie.Net
» Orange 3G Peasy Commercial
» Remembering Milligan 2002
» Tristram Shandy Press Photos
» Twinings Tea Advert - For Everyone

~*~ * ~*~ * ~*~

20 December 2005

NEWS: If you haven't yet, be sure to check out the awesome ringtones that Stephen recorded over at Tailor Made Tones.

SITE: Any thought son how I can organize this Fresh page better would be appreciated.

PHOTOS: V For Vendetta Trailer 2

~*~ * ~*~ * ~*~

19 December 2005

MULTIMEDIA: Added a lot of sounds from A Bit Of Fry & Laurie, QI, Top Gear, The Secret Policeman's Third Ball, Ring Tones, Hysteria, Happy Families & Pocoyo. Instead of keeping them in alphabetical order, I put the new ones at the bottom of their sections.

EXTRAS: Icons (CREDIT if using, please).

SITE: Changed the navigation area a bit & added an Icons link there. Redid the Links page a bit. Also put a link button to Bits Of Stephen under the affiliates section. Comments are always welcome!
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